Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Ca-ching! California Has a Budget

So, California has a budget built around no new taxes, few spending cuts, and borrowing. Gee, sure glad we elected a reformer to pump up our fiscal state.

Look forward to another 2 years of pre-arranged $10bil deficits, oh, plus we'll have those other bonds the Governor urged us to pass as well.

And don't pop the cork yet - lawmakers still have to vote for the agreement (meaning Dems who made an escape to Boston have to come home - sure they'll love that, and Reeps have to make peace over the borrowing).

And for the record (from the LAT):

But in the end, it took the governor longer to reach an agreement on the budget than it did for his predecessor, former Gov. Gray Davis, last year — when voters cited their frustration with late budgets as a reason for recalling Davis.

Of course, most of the sticking points had nothing to do with the budget: how school districts contract for busing; how, when, and where yachts are taxed in the state; and - more closely related - the 25+ year battle over local government funding. But no need to worry about those - as it turns out, most of those things are already being talking about as subjects for, what else, ballot measures.

Makes you wonder why they wasted time arguing at all - why not go straight to the ballot in the first place? Because they won't get per diem? Because it might show how unnecessary they are?

I like to think it's because there's still a shred of respect left for the legislative branch - but with Arnold around, I doubt it . . . .

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