Thursday, July 29, 2004

Boston Photo Gallery, Vol. I

Who's House? Dems House . . . .

Many have commented that the convention has shut down the city, cost local businesses customers, and probably hurt more than helped the Boston economy. Clearly, however, from the blog coverage, to the punditry, to this clever convention guide, it's a boon to the journo-industrial complex. Posted by Hello

Bad Dem, Bad Dem, Whatcha Gonna Do?

Doesn't it just make you feel warm, fuzzy, and secure? Cops in riot gear always make me feel better. Anyone else note the lack of, uh, people anywhere in the streets? Harkens back to LA and the DMZ they set up around Staples center. Posted by Hello

--Photos by Phoblog Guest Blogger Ed Espinoza, via cameraphone

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