Thursday, July 22, 2004

Blogs Are Not Discreet

Miss Manners, whom Phoblog likes tremendously, weighs in on proper blogging etiquette and shares some nicely-put insight on blogger personalities, likening the act of blogging with that of keeping a diary:

With a diary, the danger was that someone might sneak a peek at it or even steal it and expose one's secrets. With a blog, the fear is that nobody might do so.

How true.

But Miss Manners is less concerned about the well being of over-sharing bloggers than she is about blogger's treatment of others (pssst, Wonkette, this might directed at your type of blogger). The polite person, she says, "gossips discreetly, and without malice" - acknowledging that people can and will gossip no matter what.

And with that, it seems that pretty much everyone who can has weighed in on blogging . . . .

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