Friday, July 02, 2004

Another Headline of the Day

From the New York Times homepage:

Hussein, in Jail, Reportedly Said Little of Value

So he didn't cop to anything WMD-related.

But Mr. Hussein would occasionally provide startling comments and observations, they said, as when he spoke about his reasons for invading Kuwait in 1990, and precipitated the first gulf war.

Mr. Hussein told his interrogator on one occasion that a principal reason for invading was his belief that he needed to keep his army occupied.

Well, I suppose no one wants a bunch of bored soldiers hanging out with nothing to do. I bet he followed that statement by saying "I did it for the worst possible reason. Because I could." Wait, wrong world leader, sorry.
Other highlights:

One official said that Mr. Hussein had implied that ambiguity over whether his government possessed illegal weapons "would keep the neighbors at bay, while the U.S. would be hung up in interminable debate at the U.N."

We showed him.

But for all the intriguing comments and surprising observations, Mr. Hussein's information was of little use, the officials contended. He behaved as if he were still Iraq's ruler, a posture he maintained Thursday when he appeared before the Iraqi judge.

"We got very little, I would say almost nothing," said one former senior official with the occupation authority.

Seems to be a trend over there . . . .

And according to a photo caption:

At one point Saddam Hussein said, "Everyone knows that this is a theatrical comedy by Bush, the criminal, in an attempt to win the election."

Unfortunately, I don't think that argument coming from Hussein will help win too many votes.

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