Tuesday, June 08, 2004

You got high-rise in my transit terminal! You got transit terminal in my high-rise!

Yet another article in the on-going saga of SOMA (that's South of Market street) development - it's a 51 story condo tower vs. a years-from-now revamp of the transbay terminal. See, apparently, it may be a bit of an engineering impossibility to have a set of high speed rail lines run below a 51 story skyscraper. Each project, however, has been merrily moving along, just sort of waiting to run into each other. The building has already broken ground. But it's progress has been stopped by a court order spurned by a transit activist group in San Francisco. No wait, they aren't from San Francisco. They're from Mill "we've got time on our hands, who can we mess with" Valley, north of the city.

I'm a huge public trans fan, let me remind you.

But the trans center's rebuild is contingent upon the so much money that just isn't real yet. Meanwhile, there's a developer with a $50 million property that he has legitimate rights to.

This has been fun to watch so far - can't wait to see what comes next . . . .

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