Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Well, I did it

Tomorrow is the end of the fiscal year and the close of another campaign finance reporting period. So I finally did it. I logged on and donated to the Kerry campaign.

Guess all those flashing ads on the newspaper sites I read finally worked. It is amazingly easy - it takes more time and clicks to pay my credit card bill or even to post this item.

I don't really contribute often (duh, I don't really have the bank account for that): I gave to the anti-recall effort. I gave to Howard Dean. I'm going to give to a Palo Alto City Council candidate because as of this Thursday she'll be a fellow Emerge alumna. And now John Kerry. Because I want him to win. Because I want Bush et al out. Because I want my country back.

So if you want to see how it works, grab some plastic and click here.

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