Sunday, June 13, 2004

Tsk tsk

Well, maybe.

Nader Had Campaign Office at Charity

It's all about appearances, kids. So the letter of the law is great as far as it goes . . . which is usually just as far as the 3d graf of any article, and it seldom reaches up to the headline - which would probably more accurately read: "Appearance of intermingling at Nader 501c3 and campaign unsupported by actual evidence of wrongdoing." Or maybe there is more wrong - it's a lengthy article, give it a read.

At any rate - as with so much in political law, it's hardly the facts or the law that's the problem. It's what it looks like to everyone else.

But I can't stand Nader - so whatever sets him back a step or two, good. A vote for him is a vote for Bush. Period.

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