Saturday, June 12, 2004

Top 10% Plan Under Attack in Texas

Affluent parents are mad about what they see as the backdoor affirmative action mechanism in Texas that guarantees admission to the top ten percent of students at each high school. Not all high schools are equal apparently. So those damn colored kids or poor kids at the low achieving schools don't face the same competition. And Johnny 12% is excluded from UT Austin.

Okay, I suppose it would bother me too. But I bet Johnny 12% does have other options, by virtue of his academic numbers and probably a better economic situation.

The real solution is to even out high schools - but we haven't figured out how to do that in California either.

Of course - there is always the notion that some of these other 10% kids are equally, if not more, qualified despite having lower GPAs or lower SATs. But the notion of whollistic admission practices gets pushed aside if it is a flat percentage plan. I'm guessing, however, that even at the lowest performing high schools, the top students still act and perform like top students.

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