Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Talking Points for the day

Josh is having an especially interesting day:

Seems Michael Moore wasn't just being a crazy lefty conspiracy theorist at the beginning of Dude, Where's My Country when he said that during the immediate post-9/11 grounding of flights, a plane took two Saudis from Florida to KY and then away from the states. For years the White House and everyone else has denied it, but now airport officials are coming clean.

And - it's time for the Bush campaign to take off the black mourning clothes and relace the gloves.

They're coopting dead presidents again - no, not the BCRA hard money kind - the actual dead kind. The campaign has revamped its website to capitalize on Reagan: The Funeral.

And, lastly, this post following up one from a few days ago, which Phoblog addressed, on the politics of the politics of voting, specifically the ways we talk about voters of a particular race and their relationship to either party. Posted by Hello

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