Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Strunk & White

Bringing clarity to life and politics . . . .

Here's a Talking Points Memo post on the weekend's Washington Post article on our beltway boys' campaigning thus far:

By all means, read the article, which, if following the dictates of Strunk & White, might be titled "Bush Campaign Lies with Unprecedented Frequency".

Also of note - though can't really blog it (are there on-line transcripts? i don't think so), Katie Couric's interview this morning with Mary Matlin in which Katie used a lot of the article's text to lob fairly hard balls at Matlin. Matlin's responses? Well, in the early morning haze, I didn't write them down, but suffice to say, it was not of the "oops, you got us, okay, he's not so bad" variety. Also of note in that interview was Matlin unequivocally and absolutely denying that Cheney's office had anything to do with the awarding of Halliburton contracts in Iraq.

If there's anything American's should learn from watching politics, it's that such passionate denials are usually gleefully re-run when the truth comes out later.

A world that loves its irony . . . must love the vociferous pundit.

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