Friday, June 18, 2004

Stop it, John

Here's what I don't get. You know McCain doesn't like Bush. I doubt he respects him that much either. He's said pretty bad things about Bush on the Daily Show (yes, that show matters because if you note who's on it, you'll have to note who must be watching). So why, then, is McCain campaigning with George W. Bush?

I like McCain a lot. Maybe I like the lose canon types - I liked Dean too. But when he sticks up for Bush - ugh - cringe - shiver.

During one stop at Fort Lewis in Washington state, Bush says "There is no cave or hole deep enough to hide from American Justice."

Well - so far there's at least one that's been deep enough so far, but nevermind about that.

Bush has so thoroughly ruined the phrase "American Justice" by using it as a shorthand for preemptive action that I'm surprised either of those words on their own don't make me a bit queasy.

Another highlight was Bush's statement that it was a "privilege to be introduced to the men in uniform by a man who brought credit to the uniform." This from the guy who landed on a carrier in a flight suit after ditching opportunities to be a real-life army-man during Vietnam. Foul. McCain really is a credit to the uniform - Bush should've said - man, thanks for taking one for the team and going 'cause I really didn't want to miss Pint Night at Big Billy's Hall of Foam.

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