Saturday, June 26, 2004

Spoiler Convention

The Greens are meeting and are split over what to do with Nader.

The Green candidate with the most delegates going into the convention:

Mr. Cobb said that, if nominated, he would campaign vigorously for all Green candidates in the 40 states that he does not consider critical to the outcome of the presidential race.

But in those other 10 states he identified as battlegrounds, like Ohio and Pennsylvania, Mr. Cobb said, he would ask Greens to vote their conscience when it came to president. To Mr. Nader's supporters, that is tantamount to telling party members to vote for Mr. Kerry.

"The battle here is not between Nader and Cobb," said Peter M. Camejo, a Green activist from California whom Mr. Nader recently named as his running mate. "It is between Nader and Kerry. The Greens who want to vote for Kerry are supporting Cobb. And we can't let that happen, because Kerry is against all of the values of the Green Party."

If Kerry is against all the values of the Green Party - what does that make Bush? And Nader doesn't even want to be the Green nominee - he just wants the endorsement so he can cull a big coalition of "people too dumb to do math and see pragmatism as a road to a more idealistic future."

And how's this for serious let's-fix-the-country-ness:

Mr. Nader, by contrast, has called Mr. Kerry "statesmanlike" and told some audiences that they should attend Nader rallies only to scare the Democrats - though he has rejected calls not to campaign in swing states.

Thanks for the compliment, but scaring Demcorats is s goal?

Or this gem of self-involved thinking:

Mr. Cobb, who has made an issue of Mr. Nader's absence, said, "I think it's going to cost him the endorsement."

Kevin Zeese, a Nader campaign spokesman, said Mr. Nader was not in Milwaukee because he did not want to dominate the proceedings.

Wow, gee Mr. Nader - thanks for staying home so the little Greens can have their fun. Just as long as you get the endorsement, right? Why on earth would the Greens want to give him that when he's no longer even associating himself with their party?

Don't sink the country, guys.

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