Monday, June 14, 2004

'Senator Moondoggie, you just blew my mind'

Hey - I didn't miss the interview from last week - here it is right now!

Anytime you can use a graph with Haley Joel Osmet and the Olson Twins to illustrate legislation, your staff should all be fired for not taking better care of you (aw, come on, I mean that in a nice way).

By the way - Rob Courdy is my hero of the day for facing the good Senator and saying to him with a straight face the quote I used for this post's title.

Another winner, posed to the "vote counting lady:" "Did you ever think of counting Blacks for more than one vote to make up for [that whole 3/5ths vote thing]?"

(Bonus funny - on a bit about Blackbeard the Pirate's ship - it was being searched for by an Arrr!chaeologist. Get it? An Arrrgh, me maties! Okay, if you have to explain it . . . .)

So, in short - let me again reiterate that I would hate to see Californians vote to give themselves a part-time legislature. Please, members, staff, let's not give the haters out there the anecdotal ammo they need to grease the skids. You know how easy it is to legislate by anecdote. You know how much easier it is to pass initiatives by anecdote - those 'dotes make such nice sound bites . . . .

I have to give props to a wise professor at CMC for saying, upon first hearing my rant on this legislation on the day of its press conference that this bill was tailor made for the Daily Show. He was right. I salute him for his good eye.

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