Wednesday, June 02, 2004

A report from the field . . .

I like Democratic victories . . . . here's a report from a fellow Young Dem and crack campaigner, on the road in South Dakota:

For all who are interested, I want to send a note
regarding Tuesday's special Congressional election in
South Dakota.

We worked through thunder, rain, high winds, tornado
warnings, lightening, and the kind of weather you
usually only ready about in the bible. Door-to-door,
phone-to-phone, we worked our asses off and Democrat
Stephanie Herseth defeated Republican Larry Diedrich
by a margin of 51% to 49% in a state that has a
10-point Republican advantage. Roughly 3,000 votes
seperated the two.

Congresswoman-elect Herseth is an impressive young
candidate (33 years old) who will represent her state
and our Party well in Congress.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee waged
a well-organized effort that was reminiscent of the
successful 1998 Lois Capps for Congress campaign in
Santa Barbara - another effort that drew national
attention from both Parties and the media.

I wish you could have been there. It's a beautiful
state and the Democratic effort was phenomenal. South
Dakota has both Herseth and Tom Daschle on the ballot
this fall. They, like all of us, will have their work
cut out for them.

Ed Espinoza
DNC member-elect
California Democratic Party

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