Monday, June 07, 2004

Photographers are not terrorists . . . .

Neither are phoblographers - for the record. Posted by Hello

The photographers - about 100 of them - gathered to express their outrage at the Metropolitan Transportation Authority's proposed ban on taking pictures in the subway system. Meeting at Grand Central Terminal, they rode the trains for upward of an hour, shutters clicking, flashes popping, in a filmed rebuke to the idea that photography is somehow a national security threat.

"The point is really to make everyday people wake up and realize that photographers are not terrorists," said Joe Anastasio, who organized the event. "In the last few years, photographers near anything vaguely important have been getting harassed."

With all the camera technology today, I don't see how a ban would be enforced anyway. A small cameraphone snapping out of someone's pocket won't easily be noticed. Plus, if you think about it, it's a little amusing that we the people are expected to be more and less observant. More observant - keep your eyes peeled for suspicious anything and everything. Less observant - please forget everything you've just seen and for god's sake, don't get it down on photo paper. Fantastic.

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