Friday, June 18, 2004

The Phoblographer* Status Report

Things are moving right along here at the Phoblog. We're on track for a record setting month - so thanks for reading, linking, telling your friends, etc. Feedback is mostly positive, but remember, if you have ideas, comments, rants, etc, send them on in.

Our RSS feed is still all S-ed up. We're working on it - I think my web guru is still in Europe. I'll be begging him for help when he gets back.

In other exciting news - I've started a new experiment. I'm now also blogging over at SF.Metroblogging, one of the new sites from the fine folks at It's vastly different from this site - less politics, more arguing over where the best SF pizza is. It's part of my effort to a) keep myself writing and b) force myself to bond more with this city. Phoblog is still the place to come for the insight and policy - the new site will be a place to go for the pop-Phoblog stuff. We'll see where that takes us.

The new forum brings up some interesting thoughts though - mainly from a conversation I had a month or so ago with a reader who questioned my judgment based on a subsequent post on a site I had linked to. If it's true that you can tell a lot about a man from his friends, and I think it is, then you can also tell a lot about a blogger by her links. There's so much disreputable, ill-conceived, flat wrong, or just bad content out there, one has to be careful to preserve her e-street cred.

At the same time, however, it's a huge, free world out there, and I'm eager to investigate it. So what I'm saying is this: if you take issue with content on sites to which I've linked - especially content posted by the administrators of those sites after the item to which I've pointed you, don't shoot the messenger. In fact, I'm not even the messenger, so I really don't deserve a shooting. Likewise, I don't personally know any of the other metrobloggers - but I'm looking forward to reading their content and hope they look forward to reading mine.

Is this a slightly hedging, protective post? You betcha. But it's also a request for open minds - something of which we're painfully short in this country right now.

Other Updates: Let's see - what can readers look forward to now? Besides more of me on the web - we're going to have more of you here as Phoblog hits the road and brings you live Convention coverage from Boston in July (courtesy of TBA special guest audiobloggers). In August, I'll hit the road for a bit of Americana fun after I rotate my tires, check the oil, and roadtrip in search of white sand and good lobster. Along the way, more of the high quality, high impact ranting and pontificating you've come to love. So keep reading, commenting, emailing, linking, and forwarding Phoblographer* to your friends. Check out the SF Metroblog. And thanks for exploring with me.

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