Thursday, June 03, 2004

Phoblog sports page: Laker Fans

Our friend LJ tackles some of lifes bigger questions as he explores that rarest of beasts, the true Laker fan. THe real deal, by the way, hates other Laker fans, and usually acknowledges such by working the words "fair-weather" and "fan" into the same sentence. This is a real problem, no doubt. When I was living in Kings territory during the 2002 playoffs, I spent many a frustrating hour in sports bars with other displaced Angelenos who'd suddenly become - of all things - Kings fans. There is no great offense.

Why the change of heart? One friend had the audacity to say the Lakers didn't deserve it because they always came back in the fourth quarter and didn't the team who was stronger for the other 75% of the game deserve it more?

No. The team with the most points at the end wins. This isn't ice skating. There's no A-for-effort, no points for artistic impression, no swayable international judiciary waiting to award the guy who's been in line the longest.

The author of the article to which LJ links is sort of obnoxiously anti-fair-weather-Laker-fans. We get it, we get, you were here first. Personally, I don't rock a Fox jersey, or even a stupid car flag, but I've been a Laker fan since, well, forever. Have I been to a game? No, can't afford it. Do I even really like watching whole games on TV? No, not usually. But I'm still a fan and I don't leave Dodger games in the seventh inning (non sequitir, you say? Nay, dear reader, Los Angelenos out there know what I'm talking about. Love one hometown team, love them all. Period).

The linked-to author is a little too angry for my taste. If you are cheering LA even for a second, all the better for our city - and our tax base. But don't turn into that Laker fan who spends more time bitching about other non-fan-enough-fans than you do appreciating our boys in yellow.

Now, on to victory . . . but please, no setting downtown of fire again.

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