Monday, June 21, 2004

Phoblog goes Photog

For your enjoyment - here are some snapshots from my weekend around town. It was an arty few days - with museum trips, good food, and quality time with friends. If you care to read more about my trip to the museum and the fab dinner after - check out my post over at SF Metroblog. I'll be posting more over there later about the weekend. So for now - have some fun with these pictures:

Your Phoblog risks life and limb to bring you this photo of some fun art deco art items. No photos in the special exhibits? Hmm, I had to get spygirl and shoot a photo out of my purse. As you can see - it didn't yield the clearest results - but I thought it was worth the, uh, shot, to capture this image of the 30s Brownie cameras (there's 3 of them in a row there). It's all about preserving the theme, kids. Posted by Hello

Here's one more from the museum Posted by Hello

This is Phoblog's attempt to get arty with her digital camera - taken at Coit tower. Posted by Hello

Art Deco is everywhere - including the top of this apartment building across the street from Ghiradelli Square. Posted by Hello

Art Deco really IS everywhere - like in this picture of ginger ice cream served in a Fiestaware dish at Ebisu (and yes, the sushi there is as good as the awards imply). Posted by Hello

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