Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Patterns in the Chaos or Echos on the Island

Either way . . .

A Princeton student wrote her thesis on a statistical analysis of New Yorker fiction. Even if you get the math, it's still borderline goofy. And by all accounts, it's seemingly just floating data.

But the best part, maybe, after a few grafs on the not-surprisingly New York centered New Yorker bent, is this closer from the student on why she chose this topic:

"I wanted to do something that involved reading, and I read some amazing work," she said of her thesis. "Students tend to come up with a thesis that will trigger the interest of interviewers, but since Princeton grads don't have trouble getting jobs, that seemed sort of silly to me."

A-hem. Well, she gets an A for confidence, doesn't she. Not to mention - since her thesis is now the subject of NYT article, it's clearly not interesting enough to be an interview talking point. Ho-hum indeed.

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