Monday, June 07, 2004

Ouch - watch those unpatriotic words . . .

Now, now, they signed up fair and sqaure, they should've known there was a chance they could've been unvoluntarily kept in the service.

For America's privileged classes, this is the most comfortable war imaginable. There's something utterly surreal about a government cutting taxes and bragging about an economic boom while at the same time refusing to provide the forces necessary to relieve troops who are fighting and dying overseas. . . .

Mr. Bush has always been quick to characterize himself as a wartime president. But he's never been candid about the true costs of war, about the terrible suffering and extreme sacrifices that wars always demand.

Now is the perfect time to correct that failing. The nation deserves the truth.

(Say it. I know you want to. Say the line. I can see it there on the tip of your tongue. Okay, I'll say it for you.

"You can't handle the truth!")

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