Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Maybe Blackberrying is 5 minutes ago

A Phoblog reader pointed me to this article on 'Toothing'. It seems that those with techy enough toys can attract attention - serious and casual attention - from fellow London commuters. The concept is novel - and I'll admit I'm very ignorant when it comes to "Bluetooth" capabilities:

It is made possible by Bluetooth technology which allows users to send phone contacts, pictures and messages to other Bluetooth-enabled equipment over a range of about 10 meters (yards).

One "Bluejacker," as those scamming the technology to hit on others are called, describes the activity:

"Flirting is fun, sex is fun. We're just employing expensive, complex toys to find the most basic form of entertainment."

Okay, sure. So we've gone from the Casual Encounters portion of craigslist.org, to Blackberrying your crush, to commandeering cutting edge technology to facilitate random hook-ups. We've come a long way, baby. Or not.

This Bluetooth technology allows you to sync up pretty much every gadget you've got - it's a universal wireless radio communication system that lets all sorts of electronic devices synch together. For example, if your computer, phone, palm, and VCR all have bluetooth, any one of them can operate through the other. This could even reach your car, apparently. Wireless communications at its nerdiest.

At the Bluetooth site, the opening image says "unleash your peripherals." And much of your decorum, it would seem.

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