Wednesday, June 09, 2004

L. Ron Hubbard urges you to get off drugs, and get on Scientology!

So, Narconon and various anti-drug school programs are really pitches for Dianetics, man, and I thought D.A.R.E. was creepy.

There used to be a fancy-schmancy Scientology center across the street from my first SF apartment. Whenever I walked past I waited for eerie theme music to start or something. I think my favorite fun fact on L. Ron Hubbard is that during his pulp fiction writing days, he once said to a friend something to the effect of "hey, this book writing is okay, but if you really want to make money, you have to start a religion."

So he did.

And check out this article on drug non-facts that Scient- I mean, Narconon instructors teach school kids. 'Course kids today aren't being taught enough science, so I guess some kind of "science" should fill the void.

Though apparently that whole "flashback" thing is a lie - I always thought it was a funny concept. Another illusion shattered . . . .

Random actual scientific drug fact of the day:

Some drugs stimulate nerves much more than neurotransmitters can. Some cause a release of extra neurotransmitters, and some block the nerve's ability to receive the chemicals altogether, the doctors said. Thoughts, memories and emotions are affected, as is hunger, which is why marijuana causes the munchies, the doctors agreed.

Is "the munchies" a recognized scientific term? Maybe in San Francisco. . . .

"If you have toxins in your body, you want to sweat it out," said Reid Russell, a health teacher who has hosted Narconon about twice a year for five years at Lincoln High.

At Bravo High in Los Angeles, a public school for students interested in medicine, health teacher Jon Hyde said he and the future doctors and nurses in his class have learned a lot from Narconon.

"They have to put people in saunas for hours so they sweat. It's the only way to get the toxins out," Hyde said. "There was this one guy who was on several types of drugs. When he did the sauna, all this stuff just came out. The floor was all black. It's from the drugs."

Shriek! Good grief. Science takes a holiday. This kind of thinking is also what keeps Bikram Yoga schools open. They aren't healthy either.

I wouldn't let my kids hear this kind of crap. I hope schools don't let other people's kids hear it either.

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