Wednesday, June 23, 2004

'Kerry Outmaneuvered in a Rare Attempt to Vote'

The headline of this article alone reads a little like an Oniony slam against the candidate.

Everyone looks a little dumb here trying to depoliticize a political football both in content and procedure. The Reeps look like whiny babies and Kerry looks a bit pandering - though unlike most cynics, I do believe Veteran votes to Kerry are among the most important he casts (remember, unlike the Reep admin, Kerry actually went to war - you know, himself).

It's all dumb. And the calculation of missed votes is always only ever tinged with reality.

'Course, the fact that Kerry DID vote for that idiotic indecency measure bothers me. Parents! Turn off the TV! Change the channel! "Indecency" laws are, like, so mid century.

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