Monday, June 07, 2004

Hey Rocky, Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat . . . .

"He will do his best to try and associate himself with Reagan -- but it won't fly," the Democrat said. "It would be as if you're comparing a squirrel to an elephant.''

Ah, Willie Brown. Love him. Hate him. But give him credit.

I also heard him on a local news program this weekend where he astutely pointed out one of the biggest differences between Reagan and Bush that should prevent Bush from drawing too many analogies: Reagan never said he was sent by God to do his job/spread democracy/free Iraq/etc.

If the Dems weren't so afraid of alienating those who already aren't going to vote for them, they'd call Bush on that crap pronto. How does America, a country founded on democracy free from church - official or otherwise - let itself be led by a man on a self-proclaimed mission from God? It's one thing to say you're a spiritual man. Go to church. Preach faith in a higher power. Fine, I don't care. I'm Catholic. I like mass. More power to you, buddy. Say God imbued you with special gifts that you feel you best honor Him by using for the good of the country.

Can you see the difference?

"I was sent by God" is NOT an American message. It seems, however, to be a common message we hear from those death-loving Muslims, though, right? Just swap Allah for God and presto - instant FBI file.

No one seems to notice, however. At least not out loud . . . .

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