Wednesday, June 09, 2004

He lies in state

Leaving politics aside for a moment - and there's much doubt as to whether that's physically possible for me, but here goes -

I can't help but pause over the Nancy/Ronnie relationship. All the things she stood by him through: the governorship, the presidency, the assissnation attempt, and, probably worst of all, the Alzheimers.

If you believe in love, that's probably it right there - that woman, that man, that flag. It isn't easy to love someone in the spotlight - regardless of the size of the beam. It isn't easy to stay with a strong man like that, I imagine.

But wherever there is love in the world, we should probably mark it as part of our search for truth. We take so much time to notice death and lies - it's important to strive for balance. Posted by Hello

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