Thursday, June 17, 2004

Ha! Phooey on your Golden Gate!

See, San Francisco, they wanted to get our Library Tower (I just can't call it the U.S.Bank Tower yet), not your bridge, not your pyramidy building. We're number one! We're number one!

Okay, seriously though - this goes back to something I've commented on before - though maybe not on my blog. There was this need after 9/11 to own some of the pain, to be more connected to history. Yes, we all were affected. And yes, it happened to Us, the country, but there's a way in which the grieving and the war cries and the flag stickers could be made more powerful if you had a vested interest in what was going on. It's why stip malls in Omaha hired new security guards (yeah, I know about the Ohio mall thing).

We all wanted a reason to be on alert. And though maybe it would be most terrorizing if they did start attacking Denny's Donuts in Minnesota, it's probably not as likely.

But come on, it is a sick badge of honor that they were going to get LA first. Of course, by making this point, I almost undermine my long standing view that the intraCalifornia strife runs from N to S, not the other way, I still say that's true. How? Because it's my blog. Thanks.

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