Monday, June 07, 2004

From the homefront

Who is the voice of the South Bay? asks Garrison Frost on The Aesthetic: the South Bay's Journal of Arts and Ideas, which I'll admit, I didn't know existed until L.A. Observed linked to it.

For my NorCal readers - the "South Bay" actually refers to Bays besides SF or San Pablo. I know, I know - "what! There's life south of Gilroy?" Be strong, kids.

I grew up in the South Bay - the subpart of the greater LA area that includes The Palos Verdes Peninsula, the Beach Cities, San Pedro, and various others.

At any rate - this piece asks who represents the South Bay - who is our Herb Caen, Jimmy Breslin, or Garrison Keillor. I don't think we have one. In my town, we have recognizable names and people - pillars of the community, if you will - but they aren't published that much. John Olguin and . . . okay, that's pretty much all I got.

If I were at home in the South Bay, I'd love to audition for the part. But the nature of the region is such that I think a Caen-like figure isn't likely.

This post may only interest my Mom - the one South Bay resident I know for sure reads my stuff (because really, if a blogger can't count on her mother . . . .).

Too bad Jim Hahn can't cut it here. I really hoped having Pedro mayor would kick things up a notch. But no. Maybe his sis, Janice, will get a shot sometime . . . .

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