Wednesday, June 02, 2004

Found poetry

In everyday stuff.

Here's an interesting SF Chron article on a guy who collects stuff off the street - random love letters, parts of to-do lists, budgets, snapshots - a little bit of everything. He views the finds as an intimate window into the lives of others. Is it snooping if the items are lost or abandoned? Misplaced? (All you law students, whip out your 1L property knowledge now).

Some of the more interesting finds:

In his hands, Davy Rothbart is holding one of the gems from his amazing book, "Found." "Dear Ron," it says, "I don't think we should continue to have a relationship together. At least not as a couple. I love you, but things have not been the same since we found out that we were related. . . ."

And this monthly budget list, written by someone with specific priorities: "Rent: $600. Cell phone: $50. Electric and gas: $45. Bus/taxi: $60. Food: $500. Liquor: $600. Crack: $600. Attorney: $250. "

To whoever wrote the budget, I'd have to suggest if you're spending $600 on crack, you might want to spend more on the attorney.

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