Wednesday, June 30, 2004

Foul and fuming, Veep stays on the ticket

Besides loving him for his abiding love of my naive Los Angeles, I love the way Harold Meyerson's quick and razor edged commentary on November's second banana's captures the Cheney wordsmithing flack and flicks it back at the right. The reason he sees for the F-ing slip up?

[The Administration] invaded Iraq because they believed erroneous evidence (and may still believe it, all actual evidence to the contrary) or, more plausibly, because they could, because they knew they'd feel better afterward. Of course, because they discarded the occupation plans developed by the State Department, the CIA and the military and opted to go into Iraq with no occupation plan whatever, they don't feel better afterward. The place is a bloody mess. No wonder they're cussing at Democrats. It's one of the few small pleasures their current life affords.

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