Monday, June 28, 2004

Dude, CMC's getting a Dell (commercial)

My alma mater's mid-century, retro look has made it Dell Computer's choice location for a series of Back to School computer spots to air in July and August.

I'm not sure if the college should be entirely pleased with the retro description, but hey - we do have one of the most spotless, well-groomed and maintained campuses in the country.

The only detail on the ads is that one features a hallway slip'n'slide "and other rambunctious examples of notoriously collegiate activities."

For the record, I never saw a hallway slip'n'slide, though Green Beach was frequently the scene of slip'n'slide mayhem.

Look for 'em . . . .

(And if you're a CMC alumna or alumnus, remember to get those donations in by June 30 - you only have a few days left! Look, you can even do it right online!)

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