Friday, June 04, 2004

Dems, Dems, Dems

Got my first paycheck in about a year today. It takes a concerted effort to remind myself that I like taxes. Taxes fund programs. Programs are good. Tax cuts are fine if there's a surplus, but there's never a surplus. I support government spending. I support health care and education. I don't want that money there I see on the "federal income tax" line back. No, I don't. It's fine. Take as much as you need. Take that Social Security money. I'll get it back eventually anyway, right? Okay, no problem. Yup. Take the money. I didn't really need it. Nope. Don't mind. I'm fine.

Fine. It's. Fine. Don't be greedy.

It's tough, isn't it, fellow Dems? Admit it, you too look at your pay stub and rub your eyes at the difference between gross and net pay. It's okay to be a bit sad. But think of all the stuff we want to do. Sometimes you have to fork it over. No matter how much you want that shiny Blackberry or a Vaio that doesn't crash and corrupt data as it goes . . . .

Tax me, please.

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