Tuesday, June 01, 2004

Better living through Blackberries

Thanks to LJ for pointing out this story on the rise of Blackberrying in Washington as a way for nerds and wonks to find each other. Finally.

I can attest to the siren-like effect of instant communication made possible by Blackberrying. But this article makes me think of two things: first, I'm sure since it ran this weekend, several offices have sprung to write Blackberry codes of conduct ("the people of our district do not want to read in the paper how you are using their tax dollars to facilitate your random weekend hook-ups"). Second, remember, if they can communicate with you that easily, they can communicate with someone else that easily too. As technology evolves, you can also be replaced by your 2.0 - as the article describes - with people snooping around and finding unhappy secrets on partner's berries.

All that said, I'd be a big ol' liar if I didn't say I don't stare longingly at BBs and their bretheren at the Verizon store whenever I'm there . . .

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