Monday, June 14, 2004

After berating 14 year olds . . . .

My e friend LJ gives me my due - and shows that The Daily Show should be paying me for winning converts. If you aren't watching . . . . . oh, and last week (on Thursday's episode, which I thought they would show this evening, but they didn't!) they finally got to California State Senator John Vasconcellos and his uber-stupid proposal to lower the voting age to 14 - sorta. If the Phoblogs parents love her, they've taped it and are mailing me the episode (oh, my kingdom for TiVo). At any rate - I'm glad LJ is coming around.

It also appears he has great taste in dogs. Look, SK, he's got what appears to be a doxie. Makes me miss Patches - who despite coming under fire from an otherwise intelligent person - is the World's Best Dog. (Patches, however, though smart, will not appreciate this shoutout. She would appreciate a snaussage, I'm sure).

Update: Ah, well, LJ has corrected me on many fronts, including the type of dog - it's a Gordon Setter, which, I confess, I don't think I've ever heard of. But any dog who's national breed club motto is "Beauty Brains Birdsense" has my vote. She's cute, at any rate.

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