Sunday, May 23, 2004

Wetlands, dry work

My new office has a lovely view of - well - some type of body of water that must have a technical name, but all I've got is "wetlands" so that's what I'll go with. In the morning, its boggy and muddy. As the tide comes it, it fills up and along come all sorts of wildlife. Right now there's a large, white, utterly graceful bird sauntering around. Step, step, step, go his long twiggy legs. With each step his neck and beak jut out in frong, and the rest of his body sort-of half slo-mos along with him. Jut, step, draaag. Repeat. Not sure what he is. Heron? Crane? Do I have any birdwatching readers? Whatever he is, he's beautiful and my only company on this long, legal afternoon.

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