Wednesday, May 12, 2004

This one manages to stay on mesage

Here's a decidedly non-blurred line on loving the war, hating [some of] the warriors - from Safire in today's NYT:

Taguba said, "A few soldiers and civilians conspired to abuse. . . ." But the names Taguba's report named were not important enough for those who want to use this scandal to justify their opposition to this war until the nation wearies of the conflict and the Bush administration can be ousted.

Those of us who believe in the nobility of exporting freedom cannot trivialize the scandal. But we need not let our dismay at the predations of some self-photographing creeps overwhelm the morally sound purpose of our antiterror campaign. Nor should the dereliction of some officers detract from the brave and upright service of almost all our warriors.

The names named were not important enough.

And I guess since we can't see to export any goods, we may as well export ideas. What's the returning import, though? Probably something ugly.

Beware the coming balance of trade.

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