Monday, May 03, 2004

Storytime . . .

I've decided to try my hand at some fiction writing. Here's my debut short blog story:

Once upon a time there was an intern. One day the intern was helping her boss track down votes for a bill being heard in Room 4202. While running back and forth between offices and the hearing room to see if members were coming to vote or not, she was repeatedly blocked by a gaggle of goofy goons seeking to kill her bill. She noticed they unchivalrously cut her off at the small door just next to the dais. The would stop in the doorway and remark on how member so-and-so said they didn't support the bill or how member this and that thought it was good but hadn't shown up yet.

Then the intern noticed a rather large black and white sign on the door reading "Members and Staff Only." As a lowly unpaid intern, she looked down at the shiny badge swinging from her hip and thought, "gee, I may not get a paycheck, but what I do get is to use the doors and special areas marked 'Members and Staff Only.'" Then the intern became angry. The intern didn't like lobbyists, especially mean industry lobbyists looking to sink her boss's bills! Plus they were still in her way, making her stumble as she tore in and out of the committee room seeking members, doing the people's work.

So the intern had an idea. SHe grumbled to her coworker, "Hey! Why are the using the door that's clearly marked 'Members and Staff Only?'" Her co-worker said, "good question," and whispered the same question to her boss. Her boss, in turn, asked the sergeants why they weren't protecting the legislator's areas and ensuring efficient, non-corrupt, carrying out of the people's business.

So the sergeants posted a man by the elevator outside the door and Democracy was saved for another day thanks in part to the anal-retentive need of one intern to have basic signage enforced.

The End.

[Note: as it turns out, this story was wholly far-fetched after all. Looks like the same sort of thing happened in the California Capitol. Looks like lots of folks are tired of P.O.S. lobbyists acting like they're god's gift to the legislative process. Crazy coincidence, don't you think?]

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