Friday, May 14, 2004

So what, his boss doesn't either

In Iraq,:

Rumsfeld said lawyers are advising against release of any more pictures of prisoners being abused, but he rejected the notion that withholding them would suggest a cover-up. "I've stopped reading newspapers," Rumsfeld told the troops. "You've got to keep your sanity somehow. I'm a survivor."

Read this on that statement.

Even as a joke, I can't believe he said that. I can't say that's not funny, because in a very black way, it is.

Does it scare anyone? Do we really think he means it? Does it matter? It doesn't seem like the administration acknowledges current events, not really, anyway. So does confirmation of that matter at all?

And he's a "survivor?" Beyonce would be proud. What, pray tell, has he survived? One heavily guarded swing through a war zone? Might there be others more accurately called "survivors?" If I were a flash expert, I'd make a little satirical cartoon depicting Rummy et al. in a Survivor, the TV show, parody. Watch as they navigate the hazardous jungle of the Hill. Avoiding mosquito-journalists and seeking to win the immunity tiki or whatever it is. Of course, in Bush's case, a Rumsfeld resignation probably would've been the immunity tiki.

He's a Survivor? I guess they all are. The question is, will we be?


From the NYT editorial:

Mr. Rumsfeld told the soldiers that they had broad public support at home despite the Abu Ghraib scandal. That is obviously true. It is also beside the point. The proper way for Mr. Bush and Mr. Rumsfeld to show support for the troops is not to use them as a screen from the heat over the mismanagement of the military prisons. It is to fix the problem, now. The solution is real changes, not cosmetic ones like yesterday's announcement that Abu Ghraib's inmates would be moved within the prison grounds to new temporary quarters, which have been dubbed Camp Redemption. . . .

Rather than assuring his uniformed audience — and the world — that the administration is moving heaven and earth to wipe out the rottenness within the prison system, the defense secretary simply urged the soldiers to ignore the politics back home.

And broaden your horizons with the UK take in this Guardian report.

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