Wednesday, May 05, 2004

A picture. Because it's been awhile.

And a last rant of the night, below.

Thou shalt not stuff thy neighbor's ballot box: The Ten Commandments of the Manila elections warn against vote fraud, dirty tricks and violence. (SF Chron)

p.s. Pen, or is it Teller, is off my list. IHe's spouting the old ignorant i-have-too-much-money-and-time-on-my-hands argument of "There's no difference between Kerry and Bush." That almost worked with Bush and Gore. Pre-9-11 and, more importantly, pre-Iraq-war. The invisible margin in 2000 supports that. Now, however, there is a difference. Readers know that Kerry is not my favorite. But he's going to be my official candidate in a few months. And he's been to war. And while I don't believe he's doing the best messaging he can, I do believe that he is a safer man to have in the White House. I don't believe he believes in the wisdom of preemption. There is a difference.

A good friend once said he'd be voting for the Humble George Bush. I'll be voting for the Brave John Kerry. But the "Brave" will be understood. I'm casting a vote that counts. That vote is for John Kerry.

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