Sunday, May 16, 2004

On the road again

Summer break is just too short these days. After 16 days of relative freedom, it's back to work with my bad self. I fit a lot into these past few weeks. I rediscovered the beach and the joy of getting smacked around by waves. I got as tan as I probably can get (from eggshell to ecru). Made some friends. Lost an important one. Read a lot of news. Blogged plenty. Caught up with friends and mentors. Didn't run enough. Drove too much.

And so this Phoblographer signs off, packs up, and hits the road. Blogging will be spotty as I transition to a new job and prepare to do battle with the fine folks at Cox to get them to be speedy bunnies on the cable internet hook-up. So take the down time to register yourself at all the on-line papers I link to so we'll all be ready to get back to clicking and blogging asap.

New jobs give make me crazy, so think good thoughts my way. New rants to come soon . . . .

p.s. There are a grip of load errors on the page right now, so it seems. Sorry if they are screwing up your load times and performance, etc. I'm on it, as are my web guru and the fine folks at Blogger. Hope to have it cleared up by the time I'm up and running again. The thought of not being able to check email and the blog, etc, for nearly 24 hours makes me twitch. Oy vey! (and I'm not even Jewish!).

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