Friday, May 21, 2004

Ladies and Gentlemen, if I may, a proposition

If either side is going to say the other's actions are putting American lives at risk, can we all agree that both sides are putting American lives at risk?

Because if it's one, it has to be both. They're standing in front of other people's bullets, guys. That's not safe either.

[Update] - this article is just too rich with good stuff. I'll post the whole thing in the comments box.

But two of the best grafs I've ever seen in a paper:

Rep. Tom Reynolds, the chair of the House Republicans re-election committee, said, "If Nancy Pelosi has nothing to offer our troops, who are living and dying thousands of miles away, besides taunting them by saying they are dying needlessly and are risking their lives on a shallow mission, then she should go back to her pastel-colored condo in San Francisco and keep her views to herself.''

Pelosi lives in a red brick home in Pacific Heights.

But really - read the whole thing.

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