Saturday, May 08, 2004

Kill or be [politically] killed

Kamal Harris came into office saying she was opposed to the death penalty. And so, when faced with a case where the death penalty was an option - the slaying of a San Francisco police officer - she stuck to what she said while she was running and refused to seek the death penalty. Going up against any union is hard. Going up against one that's armed must be even harder.

So now, the state's number one attorney says he may take the case away. Bill Lockyer, champion of nothing but himself, made this statement at a memorial service. Tacky tacky. DiFi did the same thing. It was tacky then, too.

He says Harris's decision may be a case of abuse of prosecutorial discretion. I don't know how I feel about the root issue, but I give Kamala Harris a tremendous amount of credit for holding fast to her values. She was clear going into office about her beliefs, and she's clear now. I hope she doesn't have a change of heart.

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