Wednesday, May 19, 2004

In the grand law school tradition

A hypothetical:

If an employee handbook included the line: "No employee may use company Internet access to post opinions on the Internet, particularly any opinion of a political or discriminatory nature," to what extent do you think that would limit the operation of a website such as, oh, let's say, Phoblographer*?

I'm going to have to make the move to nightblogging. Which will take some time. Stay tuned though - not every post needs to include opinions.

Here's one quick non-political opinion thought: Palo Alto cops shot a mountain lion yesterday that was in a tree in a residential neighborhood. People are "outraged" at the brutal killing. Local news on several channels devoted lengthy stories to the shooting.

In the Western Addition area of San Francisco, a 26 year old black man was shot and killed just minutes after leaving the funeral of his 17 year old cousin. Not as much screen time was devoted to this shooting. The word "outrage" was not used.

Draw your own conclusions.

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