Friday, May 28, 2004

Harold Meyerson on Antonio Villaraigosa

In his LA Weekly column, Meyerson presents his case for Villaraigosa taking another stab at LA City Hall.

He describes Villaraigosa's current job and current extracurriculars, including his role as a Kerry campaign co-chair - and the later payoff that could come with that. But:

Problem is, Villaraigosa’s passions and visions are all of Los Angeles. “The one job in America that I want is to lead the most dynamic city in the world,” he says. “The city is a magnet for me; it has this attraction and power — and I don’t mean the power of office. It has to do with the sense of the possible; you can taste the energy here. That’s the allure of this job.”

That's probably the first statement of Villaraigosa's with which I completely agree.

And Meyerson is 100% correct when he says our fair city (and you'll excuse me while I slip into hometown mode) needs "all the civic passion it can get."

I've never been a big Antonio fan. I supported Hahn last time around - in part because he's a Pedro guy and I'd hoped that our far-removed corner of the city would get a little more love. That hasn't really come to pass though . . .

It's going to be a fun race to watch . . . .

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