Sunday, May 09, 2004

Go Stags!

Checking up on what links to phoblog - I came across Robert Tagorda's Priorities & Frivolities. He says (and yeah, here's where trackingback would probably be helpful):

Collegiate Networks
And here I sat envious of Stephen Bainbridge, Eugene Volokh, and Phil Carter, who share UCLA Law School connections; Dan Drezner, Jacob Levy, and Pejman Yousefzadeh, who have University of Chicago ties; James Joyner and Steven Taylor, who have teaching experience at Troy State; and Patrick Belton, David Adesnik, and Josh Chafetz, who know one another from Oxford. Yet, all this time, two fellow Claremont McKenna College graduates inhabit the blogosphere by my side. To top it off, both are former colleagues at the Rose Institute of State and Local Government, where I learned the joys of redistricting and reapportionment.

Christiana Dominguez writes Phoblographer*. It has a decidedly liberal perspective, as you can no doubt tell from this snipe at Tom Friedman and this endorsement of E.J. Dionne. Amber Taylor, a "recovering Objectivist and small-l libertarian," publishes Class Maledictorian, which has recent entries on emergency contraception, gender-neutral bathrooms, and rabbits.

Both ladies are bright, so pay their sites a visit. If nothing else, click their links endlessly and help raise our alma mater's online profile!

Thanks for the shoutout. And, oh look, my permalinks aren't linking right from his site either. Fab. And I didn't know about Amber's site, so let's check that out now. . .

Amber is characteristically brilliant and blisteringly witty on her blog, Class Maledictorian.

Check her out - she'll most likely own you, or at least a controlling interest of you, someday soon.

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