Sunday, May 23, 2004

Finally a citation

In law, you can't make a point without a citation. There's no progress without footnotes, you see.

So it is in that mindset that I appreciate this Chron article which explains SF snobs, confirming their existance and commenting on their cause and effect.

One choice philosophy from a Novato mom: "There are some shorthand indicators that tell me whether a family exposes their children to the finer things of life or just lets them wallow in junk. I'm sorry -- I don't choose to foster relationships with families who hold their birthday parties at Chuck E. Cheese."

And though I do agree with this:

Pauline Kael was less tolerant. The late New Yorker film critic, who hailed from Petaluma, observed that she could simply never have a relationship with anyone who thought "Dances with Wolves" worth watching.

I can't agree with that:

Nor are we like our fellow Americans in the Deep South, assessed by "What's your family name?" or the Northeast, where it's "What school did you attend?" or even Los Angeles, where it's "How svelte are you and how successful was your last cosmetic surgery?"

Note in that last quote the none-too-subtle slap at LA. Thanks. Sort of a bonus example of the article's theme.

The city, excuse me, The City may be growing on me - but I'll always have fun snob-watching on a Saturday night. . . .

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