Thursday, May 20, 2004

David Letterman Top Ten list

May 11, 2004

Top Ten Ways Dumb Guys Would Lower Gas Prices

10. Sell gas by the half-gallon

9. Sneak up to gas stations in the middle of the night and switch the
price numbers

8. Cut out that expensive ingredient that gives it that delicious gas

7. Forget OPEC, start getting oil from Wal-Mart

6. Step one: Oprah buys all the gas. Step 2: Oprah gives the gas away.

5. Build time machine, drive back to 1965 when gas was cheap.

4. Fill car with root beer. Cars won't know no better.

3. Release the recipe so people can make their own

2. Drive really fast so you're not driving so long

1. Invade Iraq

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