Wednesday, May 26, 2004

Chatter up!

Do you think by using "chatter" in the title, the men in black are adding me to some ominous list somewhere?

Probably on it already under "Dissenters: Democrats: Dean, supporter of."

At any rate, I've taken to listening to NPR on the morning drive (is it illegal for SF radio stations to play actual music in the morning? Was LA this bad?), and of course, the buzz today is about the, well, buzz.

The chatter - that all-purpose word to describe the amount of a specific type of villainous communication going on out there - is particularly heavy right now. Do we know where to look out or when? No. Do we know for whom? Well, Al-Q, but also, you know, whomever.

Should I stop wearing my favorite yellow shirt and start wearing the orange one? Will the Phoblog's page color finally be fashionable again?

Oh no, you should be scared - oops - I mean alert - but they aren't changing the alert level. Among other reasons - apparently local governments have been begging Congress to cut the crayola inspired fun because every time they do it costs millions in initiating response protocols and whatnot.

I both hope and fear that this is a bit of an exaggerated ploy. I hope it is because I don't want anything nasty to happen anymore than you do. I fear it is because that's proof of just how wild-eyed and conspiratorial the administration has become. I still think we'll see chatter spikes in July, September, something fantastically dire will be said in October - and the current powers will hope to ride that wave right through November.

The NPR report cited the Madrid bombings and reported on American concerns that the same kind of election hijacking might occur here. I'd think it wouldn't - Americans don't get peacenik-y, they get even. With someone. Frankly, anyone. But not the leadership that might've helped get them into this mess

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