Sunday, May 23, 2004

A big day for a little blogger

I dragged myself out of bed at an unholy sabbath day hour this morning because I just have That much to do. Not really a problem because it was a good reason to hit my favorite coffee refuge (though now they sell beer and wine which could become a problem later), Reverie, in Cole Valley. I grabbed my Municipal Law Handbook (a poor substitute for the Chron or the Times of your choosing), some tunes, and settled in a prime window seat for a medium decaf, nonfat amaretto latte. Weather was mild. Pedestrians and dogs, friendly. Met a bulldog named Winston - adorable if a bit low on the IQ. Cole has great dogs, irish setters, jack russells, pit bulls, great danes, and mutts galore, each cuter than the next. Makes me miss my dog.

Anyway - the dogs, while nice, aren't the best part of this story.

As I'm slugging through the 1000+ pages of municipal material looking for The Answer, the guy sitting next to me taps me on the shoulder and says he just has to know what I'm studying. It's a reasonable question given the sheer size of the volume. I tell him in the abstract what it is and what I'm doing. I ask him what he does.

He says he runs a family of community based websites. I think, hmm, he looks familiar. I say, what site? He says . . .

Can you guess?


I met Craig. Which, really, is kinda cool if you think about it. I mean, how many of my friends' apartments, couches, roommates (or one-night-stands) have come from his sites? I'd rank the meeting up there with my New Hampshire Josh Marshall encounter.

Yeah, I nerd out on a lot of stuff - but chances are, so do you, or you wouldn't even be reading this.

Craig seems to be a genuinely nice guy. He's fairly adamant about putting his web savvy to good use on a larger scale- helping government connect, etc. He's got a sort of gentle, self-depricating charm that makes for good Sunday morning conversation about things like Golden Gate commute times, the nature of government services, and, of course, dogs.

He mentioned his blog at one point and I had to restrain my urge to say, hey, I got a blog too. Such comments would've bordered on the everyone-has-a-screenplay/novel syndrome that fells a majority of Los Angeles social interaction. No one needs that.

Meeting the blogger-behind-the-blog in real life almost calming in its shrinking-the-world effect. Last week, I taught my mom to use craigslist. Today, I met Craig.

It was a nice start to what's going to be a long and busy Sunday . . . .

(Update: seems I'm completely unoriginal in my dogs, Cole Valley riff, read this: Of Dogs and Delicacies / Craig lists some of his favorite things in Cole Valley)

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