Friday, May 28, 2004

Because if you look long enough, it all becomes art . . . .

. . . and metaphor, and meaning, and maybe a little madness too.

Back in my old 'hood, they're having a gallery exhibit of cell phone photography. My phone takes pictures too, but I've never done a thing with them (other than see - "hey, check out my dog," or "hey, check out me and former Governor Gray Davis." no really, I have a picture of me and Gray in my phone).

From the article:

"Another thing that stands out is the insubstantiality of the images, the sense of impermanence. This is not an exhibition of framed photographs to be purchased and hung on your wall, but a show that emphasizes the communication aspect of the new wireless photography, the thrill of zapping a photo to a friend in Brooklyn as you stand on a street corner in London. Who knows if you'll ever look at that photo again?"

And your vocab word of the day: moblogs.

That's fine - but remember who your Phoblog is . . . .

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