Friday, May 07, 2004

'Americans are different, that's why we're outraged'

So Lieberman is talking and I keep rubbing my eyes trying to figure out how he's a Democrat and not a neocon. Oh, wait. He is.

He started his rant by saying there was no apology for the 3000 killed on 9-11, the servicemen and women who've fallen in Iraq, etc. His basic message seems to be - hey - we're upset! So it's not so bad! Let's not take our eyes off the Imperialistic ball!

Everything he said at the beginning of his statement smacks of unacceptable hypocrisy. Well WE didn't get an apology from THEM, just remember that.

And now Rumsfeld is reiterating the gem of an explanation of in which conflict the Geneva Convention does or does not apply. So charming. See if the rules don't apply, then there's no point in discussing them.

[update: Sessions scolds, in a round-about way, sorta, the "Complainers in the Congress." Well, if they need it, and they do, the anti-war types have their caucus name now.]

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